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A fun step-by-step art lesson demonstrating how to create colorful abstract art using watercolors, watercolor pencils, and masking fluid!

Learn to paint abstract art flower paintings in acrylics! This free step-by-step art lesson shows you how to paint flowers in a colorful abstract style.

Elaphe Guttata Guttata

Think these are corn snake morphs

colorful snakes

Two colourful snakes coiled around each other. The blue contrasts each of the snakes and the backgrounds. This gives them a beautiful appearance and allows them to stand out.

Colorful little dragons

Good colors from nature to try when creating dragons - Colorful bearded dragons

I think this is a Leucistic Rat Snake. It is NOT an albino snake!

My, what a handsome snake you are!

Strawberry Pacman Frog..Nice. Argentine Horned Frogs. These things get as big as your dinner plate!!

If you could get them to hold still they would make beautiful Paper Weight's!

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Custom Canvas Painting Made to Order(Betty Boop)

Custom Canvas Painting Made to Order(Betty Boop), New Arrival Hand Drawing Shoes, Cosplay Hand Drawing Shoes

Holton Rower - Pour Series

My favorite Holton Rower piece so far

From NY artist Holton Rower's "Pour" series. Follow link to see a hypnotic video of the process. (I totally want to do this sometime!)

In his “Pour” series, New York artist Holton Rower masterminds the pouring of successive layers of paint onto three dimensional objects.