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Saw this on campus

Found Dog Please Don't Call: Found Dog. Now we are bros so he's staying. Don't call don't make it weird. Finders keepers losers weepers especially with this cut

Ja, so is das

If someone sees my black clothes and asks whose funeral I'm going to, I find that the best reply is to take a look around the room and say, "I haven't decided yet.

26 Snapchats From Your Dog

26 Snapchats From Your Dog

My face when I'm eating salad and someone brings donuts...

35 Terrible Puns To Brighten Your Day

koalas are funny. koalas are smart. koalas are so cute. koalas are brave. koalas are herbivores.

Dieser Mensch ohne Anstand.

Die 23 krassesten Menschen 2015

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