Advents"kranz" aus Blitzzement

Ey, voll konkreter DIY-Blitz(zement)-„Adventskranz“

Such a great idea for a creative advent wreath out of cement /// DIY-Blitzzement oder Beton-"Adventskranz"

Lamp in beton

Juice box for mold, coke bottle to provide space for light and cables on the inside. - sorry link broken


these twigs look like they are drilled and strung together but what about using sand to stand them in - a bowl full of sand, a clear glass jar in center with candle and twigs stuck into sand around the perimeter?

DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends | eHow Home

DIY Geometric Concrete Bookends Tutorial

Aus Gips gegossen.   Endlich an dieses Material rangewagt.   Schleifende Hände.   Viel Geduld.   Leuchtende Augen beim Ergebnis.   ...

3 Plastikgefäße (Tupper) - quasi eine Außenform,darin eine kleine in die Mitte…

Beton Projekte

34 Cool and Modern DIY Concrete Projects

Awesome Easy Fun Concrete DIY Cement Projects for Your Home ! since Roman times Cement and concrete has been with us and the Brutalist current seriously put.

DIY-Anleitung: Betonkissen Kerzenhalter selber machen // diy tutorial: how to make concrete candle holders via

DIY-Anleitung: Betonkissen-Kerzenhalter selber machen via

This tutorial will show you how to make a funky concrete candle holder in the style of a pillow.


If I ever get my hands on some cement, this custom DIY bookend project from The Beat that My Heart Skipped would absolutely do the trick.