Avec ballons

obstacles- depending on water restrictions and if playing outside, fill some water bomb balloons with water to hang down. Place down a tarp and add a sprinkler and some bubble or washing detergent to crawl through- ensure solutions are safe for chn.


Party Ideen für die Olympischen Spiele

Keep two hands on the wheel!

Scooter race idea- set up cones and use a plastic tube and/or pool noodle for a "gate" kids have to race through. Have them attempt by sitting, and again laying down to work on upper and lower body strength

kindergarten ideen turnen - Google Search

kindergarten ideen turnen - Google Search

Paper Plate Ring Toss Game.

Kids would love to decorate their own rings and put their names on them. When their ring lands around the roll there could be a special activity or prize. Great idea - thanks for sharing it! DIY Paper Plate Ring Toss Game - great for kids!

Pool Noodle Volleyball. Volleyball with pool noodles and balloons! Players have to try to keep the balloons up using the noodles.#gameoftheday

What Can You Make with Pool Noodles

Cut pool noodles in half. Scatter 20 or so balloons on the ground around a laundry basket. Give players 5 mins to move as many balloons as possible into the laundry basket using only the pool noodle.