How to finish edges on chiffon and everything sheer. Always good to have tips like this on hand.

See if I like this better than serger. How to finish edges on sheer fabrics like chiffon. This tip is invaluable! Sheer fabrics can be a pain to hem.

Hemming a curved edge - BRILLIANT tip

Another Pinner Wrote: Curved Hem Tutorial. I’m going to show you my technique for hemming tricky curves with a sewing machine, and a couple tips I’ve picked up through the years.

U-Boot-Ausschnitt Nähvarianten | pattydoo

U-Boot-Ausschnitt Nähvarianten

mitered corner

How to miter corners easily and neatly. the split stitch: Satisfied Sentiment Casual Dinner Napkins + Mitered Corners.

Einfassen mit Jerseystreifen

Einfassen mit Jerseystreifen