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Diy: Branch Hooks

DIY: Branch hooks in wood diy with Wood Hooks DIY Branches (Furniture Designs Crafts)

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This heart shape candle holder would be amazing as wedding reception/engagement party decor pieces! You could hang initials etc from the hook!

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More of a Music lover theme here. Great way to use old records, that you don& use. Can do so many different decorations on a wall with them. I did a Chevron pattern on mine, more adult themed.

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7 Decorating Tips To Take From The New Danish Lifestyle Concept: Hygge

HABEN WILL!!! @Luke Yardji : Für die Mama?

DIY Home Decor with Mason Jars and Reclaimed Wood - the perfect idea for a little indoor herb garden !

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Birch Bark Lamps One of my brother’s neighbors peeled the birch bark off of a dead birch tree he had seen. Jared cut them to the right size we wanted, and using a leather punch he cut holes on each end of the “lampshade”.

Upcycling-Ideen: Der Bücher Hocker Mehr

Dutch company Sledgecorner created unique upcycle design furniture called BookPouf made out of upcycling discarded stacked books with hard covers.

Ab heute denkst du sicher 2x nach, bevor du eine leere Konservendose in den Mülleimer wirfst. Diese Ideen sind Gold wert! - DIY Bastelideen

Hanging cans are a great way to store pens and pencils to clear up any office space! or in shop to store pens, pencils, drill bits, just let your imagination run wild