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optical illusion!! stare at the red dot for 40 seconds then look at a white wall.

stare at the red dot for 40 seconds then look at a white wall. John Watson from Sherlock.

Teen Sherlock - Forbidden Friendship by DrSlug on DeviantArt

Original Ideas Of Teen Sherlock – Forbidden Friendship By DrSlug On DeviantArt… HD 2017 2018

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whimsycatcher: ““I’ll bring you home, little brother…” So The Abominable Bride had a lot of brotherly feels and inspired me to draw this series - 3 times Mycroft carried Sherlock, I might call it?

HE. CHAINED. IT. UP. <-- Probably after he realized it was that part of him that almost got his only friends killed.

I find it interesting that Mind Palace Moriarty is the one who convinces him to fight to live.

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Obviously, he was on a case about some insane person being murdered in a padded cell. Maybe he was in there on a case, or under cover as a crazy person, or visiting a crazy person just because.

He's just so wonderful. — [ #sherlock #sherlockholmes #johnwatson #johnlock #sherlockbbc ]

THIS is why I love Sherlock. And don't forget: He fears romance and love hence his reluctance to form a relationship with Molly