Cassette tape pencil holder

This person made a pencil or pen holder from old cassette tapes! Looks like he just glued them together maybe used a piece of cardboard for the bottom. We have so many old cassettes and not enough pen holders at the studio = ))

Upcycle This! 13 Things Made from Cassette Tapes

I don't even think we have any cassettes around, but this made me laugh! Cassette Tape Jewelry Box & Other Things Made from Cassette Tapes

LOVE this idea for old VHS tapes!!! :) Storage boxes/ magazine stand etc..

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DIY Tutorial: Noch mehr Clutch(es) DIY - Outfits, Accessoires & Schuhe Dana´s Fashion Blog

Purse made from VHS case - DIY in German, but pics are pretty self-explanatory.

vhs tape  don't we all have some still in the house.  yarn dispenser but i think i'm going to try for ribbon

VHS Cassette Yarn Dispenser!

VHS Cassette Yarn Dispenser to go with the VHS yarn. Repurpose everything!

upcycling videotapes - Google zoeken

Sadly a lot of people reading this have never had heard of VHS video cassette tapes let alone thought about these things to make and do with old VHS tapes!

Casette Wallet

Casette Wallet Designed by Marcella Foschi, these adorable wallets were fashioned out of repurposed cassette tapes

You'd be surprised by the number of things you can do with an old videotape! I made bookends, gift wrap, jewelry, flowers, and a notebook.

Crafting with VHS Tapes

Crafting with VHS Tapes - CraftStylish // possible idea with old anime tapes