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Alina Schwermer

Alina Schwermer
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Papier Box aus Cornflakes Schachteln - Anleitung                              …                                                                                                                                                                                 Mehr

For the thrifty-minded turn cereal boxes into papermail tray. Another pinner I did it with gorilla tape instead it makes it sturdier and I dont have to worry about the wrapping paper ripping.

DIY Neon Painted Pencil Case from Dear Handmade Life

This a one out of 4 pencil pouches i was considering using, I have had all 4 different types before but i'm not sure witch type I want to use yet.

Why Not Sew?: Sew Together Bag (pattern does not seem to be available anymore, but I like the design)

Over Easter, when my mom was visiting, I made her a sew together bag (which I did not get one single picture of). I pulled t.