Future Kids (Activities/Ideas)

Non food related activities and ideas for when I have kids of my own some day :).
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Great idea!

Baby wipe box reused as a crayon box. If we have kids we most likely have crayons and baby wipes. Crayons come in cardboard boxes that tear and break. Baby wipes come in durable plastic boxes that can be reused.

Absolutely awesome idea! :D

This is awesome. A covered sandbox -open and you have built in seats! Put your feet in the sand while your kids play in it

I have to get a couple of these!!! Easy Change Artwork Frames. Holds 50 pieces of kids artwork. Only $8.95

Easy Change Artwork Frames ~ great way to display kids artwork, or just switch out pictures easily. Holds up to 50 pieces in each frame. And costs less than 9 dollars!


Funny pictures about Night time bowling. Oh, and cool pics about Night time bowling. Also, Night time bowling.

Good tip

Fucking Love Tangled

So you kids won't fall out of there bed. You get one fitted sheet and a pool noodle. Stick the noodle on the bed and pou the sheet over it.

Neat idea!

How to Make an Art Kit From a DVD Case

How to Make an Art Kit from a DVD Case. will be great to keep kids entertained

Giant numbers of photos for their birthdays! Can get family/friends to sign the backs and give them a giant book of them when they're 21 :D.

great photo idea for kid's birthday - Taylor Joelle Designs: Carnival Birthday Party. I want to do this as a 'yearly' photo idea for the kids bedroom wall!

So the little ones can reach the running water. Pretty smart!

DIY faucet extender for bathroom sink out of a lotion or shampoo bottle to make hand washing for kids easier