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very cool craft project with a canvas and crayons i didnt know before how they were made, now it all makes sense

Glue crayons on a white canvas board with super glue or a glue gun. Allow 30 minutes to dry securely. Using a blow dryer, heat the crayons and watch artwork happen!

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Try to do this very fun art project with crayons! Put the crayons in the specific order that you want then glue them down. Use a hair dryer to melt the crayons so they drip down the canvas!

ways to make your walls look cool. 6.  Because you know you can't resist all those free Home Depot paint samplers. The paint strips shown were stuck to the wall using Modge Podge — super quick and easy!  Source:

20 Ways To Make Your Walls Look Uniquely Amazing

{from top to bottom: guy's affordable wall art idea; paint chip wall by chris of man made; amirko’s‘change-it’wall design concept; scott prendergast's paint chip wall via design sponge.

Diy your life it easy and it's great for children's room

Do you use fans to cool off your summer? If you are bored with the plain color of your fans, here’s a simple and fun idea for you to make a rainbow fan. Isn’t that cool? It’s very easy to do and all you need to do is just paint each blade of …

tape a bunch of crayons at the top of a piece of paper, then blow dry them and you have a really cool craft!!!

I plan on doing this Crayon Melting art project come summer, when I have more time on my hands. hot glue-gun the crayons in any design to a canvas, that is painted to your desired colour Melt the crayon with a hair blow-dryer Admire your art!

Cool craft idea for moms & kids!  Personalized balloon wreath.

Elmo and Rainbow Colors Birthday Party Ideas

Balloon wreath: You could use in place of the Letter for milestone Birthdays. hang it for the party or for the entire birthday could even be a keepsake/memorial gift for a birthday present!

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