How to cut paper snowflakes

new year's eve, many make crafts for the new year, or at least try to cut out snowflakes from paper. i suggest that you several options for how to cut snowflake

Easy project with scrapbook paper.

Maybe this could be one of our crafts? We could provide canvases and precut scrapbook paper and just paint/glue them during the meeting! Scrapbook paper wall art, I could do this with fabric scraps.

Heart garland - Life Made Simple

Heart garland

Paper heart garland for Valentine's Day. Do it yourself by cutting out paper hearts, stack two and sew. - This would be so cute with vintage wrapping paper! Linda Bauwin CARD-iologist Helping you create cards from the heart.

DIY Confetti Bowl...

make this DIY confetti bowl with a balloon, paper confetti, and mod podge! Would be a fun project for kids for sure!