Amela Selimović

Amela Selimović

Amela Selimović
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Healthy Foods That Babies Like Most : A First Time Mom's Guide | For The First Timer

One of the biggest moments in the life of parents is the moment when baby starts eating solid food. Most doctors say that a baby must not start eating solid food until he/she turns about 6 months

year in pictures

Spell it above with felt letters like this Monthly Photo Idea from Famille Summerbelle. Monthly Baby Photo Ideas - Track Your Babys Age in Photos plus FREE Monthly Printable Milestone Stickers and Signs on Frugal Coupon Living.

Everything You Need to Know About Baby’s First Year [INFOGRAPHIC]

Baby's First Year Infographic – Wondering how quickly baby’s senses and motor skills develop in his first twelve months? We teamed up with The Bump to clue you into what baby’s up to.

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