Never push a loyal person to the point where they no longer care.

Making things worse and letting people down. I'm such a disappointment, i'm just sick of being me.

ouch.. this one hits home today

I've never had my heart broken as badly as you did. Being wrongly accused of terrible things hurt like nothing else that's ever happened to me. My heart has been beaten and battered by the man I love most in the world, and still, I can't hate you.


Truth is, sometimes I choose me instead of you. But I am committed to you and will continue to choose you more than I choose me.

Gedanken | I'm fine

„Ist was?“

Genau so. Ich will diese Reise machen, aber niemand nimmt mich ernst.




Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around everyday on the verge of tears and you don't even have the slightest clue that she's not okay

YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! They only pretend to care. And then they want to talk about how they feel and if you do what they did in return they get mad

Tokyo Ghoul- Ken Kaneki- Probably one of the most pitiable characters in anime/manga history.

: )

So sick of it and medical professionals telling me that "oh that's abnormal or rare" and there is no cure just ways to manage symptoms but never enough to make you feel normal. no one understand


This is so true. A friendship ending is no less painful. It doesn't matter if it was a relationship or a friendship. When it ends, your heart breaks.

..its all started as friend..then best friend.. then i fell in love with our friendship..

its all started as friend.then best friend. then i fell in love with our friendship. I wish cuz if thats true we gonna have the best relationship ever😂😘