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Cgtuts' sister marketplace has a lot of talented authors, including our former site manager and in-house expert Bitgem. Hailing from Hanover, Germany, Bitgem's quirky low poly creations.

ArtStation - Aenigma - Vending Machine Concept Art 3 - Under, Derek Weselake

Some Concept Art for ÆNiGMA I've always liked vending machines, they are like sculpture with function. Some here are inspired by real vending. Aenigma - Vending Machine Concept Art 3 - Under

Bucharest Romania, Urban Decay, Post Apocalypse, Posts, Environment, Slums, Cyberpunk, Abandoned, Left Out, Messages, Abandoned Places

23 - Minimal Belgrade

The grandiose buildings of mid-century Belgrade are perfectly preserved mementos from the times of Socialist Modernism; Serbian photographer Mirko Nahmijas put the strict symmetry and harsh lines at the forefront of his series Minimal Belg