Gloucester Cathedral, UK

The cloisters at the Cathedral Church of St Peter and the Holy and Indivisible Trinity, in Gloucester, England. It originated in 678 or 679 with the foundation of an abbey dedicated to Saint Peter (dissolved by King Henry VIII).

Plett 6541 2 Residence by SAOTA

12 Modern Pools: Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects, also known as SAOTA, designed this six-bedroom beach house home in South Africa. The pool is long and linear, running closely alongside the terraced house, with an ocean view.

Wythe Hotel | Brooklyn, NYC. | yellowtrace blog

Wythe Hotel

Wythe Guestroom 2 Textile Factory Meticulously Converted into 8 Story Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

Looking at greenery alone lowers our tension levels, but when we can see water as well as plants, the calming effects are even more dramatic. - contemporary dining room by Sutton Suzuki Architects