oliver jeffers | without a doubt part 2, 2012

Oliver Jeffers on The Great Discontent (TGD)

This gives me an idea to dip an old second hand painting and then finish it :) Without a Doubt - oil on canvas dipped in enamel, by Oliver Jeffers.

Collection 04.

Collection 04.

LOVE these textures and colours together Lotta Agaton — Kristofer Johnsson

MANUAL COFFEEMAKER - Craighton Berman Studio

Unlike other pour-over coffee makers for which you have to get all the pieces together and set up, the MANUAL by designer Craighton Berman is designed to be left out on a counter for fast access, less set up, and a clean, simple aesthetic (price TBA).


Clockwork Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener with the traditional look of a wind-up key for clockwork mechanisms. Nickel plated steel for a deliberate work-shop-tool aesthetic. The oversize handle makes sharpening your favourite pencils a breeze.