Origami Heart Box Instructions

Learn how to make a modular origami box with hinged lids that open to the sides, this box would make a very neat origami wedding ring box ♥ ⬇OPEN ME ⬇ Get a .

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DIY – Neon Kaleidoskop

On this page you can view all of my origami instructions in one place! I have many origami video tutorials, boxes, bows, envelopes, hearts and more!

Origami Instructions - Video Tutorials

Learn how to make a useful origami rubbish bin for your desk! This origami garbage bin also looks like an origami house. ♥ ⬇OPEN ME ⬇ I suddenly wanted to s.

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Upcycle your newspapers, grocery bags, and gift wrap into these intricate stars—papirstjerne—by Home By Linn of Norway.