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There Might Be a Universe Inside Every Black Hole

Learn how a black hole may create universes on

Entangled universe: Could wormholes hold the cosmos together?

Weird connections through space-time might make reality real, giving us a promising new route to a theory of everything

Neutrino infographic by chngch on DeviantArt

some infographic i did for work Neutrino infographic

17 Billion Solar Mass Giant Black Hole Discovered

Giant black hole with 17 billion solar mass discovered in a tiny galaxy just 20 million light years away from us, a pioneer discovery with many implications

MCAT Physics Formulas List & Tips to Solve Problems Easily

For solving problems: 1.Simply read the problem and try to understand it. 2. Try to solve it, mi...

A chart that explains time travel in Lauren Beukes' The Shining Girls

There are a few basic ways that time travel works in stories. For the paperback release of Lauren Beukes' time travel serial killer tale The Shining Girls, artists Adam Hill and Sam Wilson put this chart together. It explains The Shining Girls — and oh so much more.