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Die Zitadelle von Innen

The patterns in the flood and the great stone gates intrigue me. Are the makers of these things long dead, making the people in this picture explorers? Or are they still alive and well, a shy people in hiding from these two strangers?

Curse of Strahd; Amber Temple 1 (Digital DM & Player Versions) $1.75

This map of the lower floors of the Amber Temple was originally created as part of the D&D RPG adventure Curse of Strahd. Ravenloft and the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich are back for edition in this massive new adventure from Wizards of the Coast

Thieves’ Guild Built in the Subterranean Ruin of [Insert Generic Anthropomorphic Urban Rodent God of Your Choice]’s Temple, Part One

Temple main floor 1 of 4

The Academy of the Grand Arts--The glorious and renowned Academy of the Grand Arts, a school of theatre and the new, most well respected playhouse in all of the Karashi Emirate, generously financed by the Karashi Royal Family.