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the sewing project has been made using two different fabrics, one in blue and pink
Mundschutz nähen: Masken-Anleitung mit Schnittmuster
ᐅ Mundschutz nähen: Gratis-Anleitung mit Schnittmuster
DIY Unique & Beautiful Shoelace Tying Guide! 😍
the back side of a backpack with instructions on how to use it
Packing your Pack
So macht man's richtig: Aufteilung des Rucksackinhalts nach Gewicht. Das schwere immer schön direkt an den Rücken ;-)
an array of green and brown fabrics in different colors, including one with a checkerboard pattern
Kerstin Tomancok I Coaching I Wien I Korneuburg - Beratung - Training
Farbpalette des Frühling - Farbtyps! Kerstin Tomancok Farb-, Typ-, Stil & Imageberatung
two different pictures with the same woman in bikinis on train tracks and one has her hand up to her head
Once you've mastered Photoshop, there are pretty much zero limits to what you can adjust or manipulate on a photograph, the possibilities are endless, and these 30 examples prove just that. Here are 30 before-and-after Photoshop transformations that will blow you away. Follow: Photography Lessons!
a pink poster with different types of words and phrases on it, including the words modal verbs
Hilfsverben/Modalverben | Englisch München / Englisch für alle!
Englsiche Modal Verben - Übungen - English modal auxiliaries - exercises
a poster with words and pictures on it that says, creating a fantasy world wordbuilding questions
Creating a Fantasy World - Worldbuilding | Now Novel
Infographic: Fantasy worldbuilding questions | Now Novel
how to make an origami envelope
DIY Stationery for Valentine’s Day
how to fold a simple origami valentine
the instructions for how to make an origami box
Envelope - I started with an 8.5x11 sheet of paper and ended up with an envelope approx. 3.5"x4". This would be really cute for scrapbooking, etc.