Andre Löwe

Andre Löwe
Hamburg and Kiel / Born in Philippinen🇵🇭 Networker & Maker !👊🏼 Young Entrepreneur🎓📈 Lives in Hamburg & Kiel 🌍 Love travelling & sport✈️💪🏼 Snapchat👻: a.loewe
Andre Löwe
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Check out these two animal track sheets fro Hiking Michigan Source: Hiking Michigan

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Marley always wants to know which animal prints are which! Animal tracks guide - great for nature walks and camping with kids

Five Ways to Find North Without a Compass - North Star, Track Sun with a Stick, use crescent moon, South facing dry hillsides


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Calling All Worms This surprisingly simple technique will unearth some surprising results! Find an area of loose, slightly moist soil (the dirt under a log or landscape timber works well) and push a to stick two to three inches into the ground.