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Adidas Adipure Adapt

Adipure is Adidas line of barefoot running shoes, and the ninja style Adipure Adapt are the lightest of the collection. The minimalist runner is basically a rubber sole for your foot, they are just about as close as you’ll get to not wearing

Footwear Concepts by Vianney de Montgolfier

Here are some scarily insane renders from Vianney de Montgolfier. With some obvious inspiration from various other designers layouts, Vianny does a great job of

Laceless Jordan trainers

Laceless Jordan trainers

Materialise Launches New Flexible & Durable Material for Laser Sintering

Flexible printing material TPU specifically engineered to provide "durable elasticity." Translation: It's bendy as all get-out, but highly abrasive- and tear-resistant, and appears to have pretty excellent shape memory.

Royal College of Art Unveils "Design For The Real World" Exhibition at London Design Festival

Made from a single piece of biodegradable wool felt, “Lasso” by Gaspard Tiné-Berés are warm, comfortable slippers that are stitched together with standard colored laces.Leather instead?maybe do layout in crochet then stitch together?