splashes-of-red: Alexi K, Cognitive Polygraph (Woman Disrobing), 2013 (Pen Ink) Featured here ~nice contour drawing

Hello everyone! Feel invited to join us for our first live event this Sunday at MOMA Warsaw.

" Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw 'WORK / SHOP' ThisisPaper in Partnership with Cloudmine Pop Up Shop", - Poster Graphic and Design Unknown.

Lost Found

A promotional poster for the album "Lost and Found" by Shipwrec. The designer took inspiration from classic analog games and created a visually striking piece by distorting the "pixels" and making the viewer look twice.

Gif Animation // #cube #spin #gif #animation

looping gifs - The Clocksmiths Mood - - All we daily live and inspire us

MuirMcNeil for Dixon Baxi

MuirMcNeil for Dixon Baxi

Wolfgang Weingart. Typographic Process, Nr 1. Organized Text Structures. 1974

Wolfgang Weingart, is an internationally known graphic designer, typographer and he is credited as "the father" of New Wave or Swiss Punk typography. 'Typographic Process Series' showed below, is collection of posters reflecting his simple 'swiss' .

Wolfgan Weingart.

Contextual & Theoretical Studies: Wolfgang Weingart Influential Designer on the look of postmodern graphic design. in Swiss