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Andzuli Bai

Andzuli Bai
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Diy cardboard cats bed

A wonderful project for frugal water, enthusiastic fire, quirky air and practical earth signs - unique cat beds, make them from cardboard and the cats can use them as scratching pads and if they get peed on its not a waste of money to toss

Katzenklo als Waschbecken-Unterschrank.  Schluss mit dem billigen Katzenklo aus Plastik und Schluss mit verteiltem Katzenstreu im ganzen Raum.:

Litter box under sink

Sveni Tall Shelving Unit | Oak | 60x40x165cm by Nordic Design Furniture on THEHOME.COM.AU

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balkon sichtschutz ideen holz zweige pflanzen rustikal aussehen

Patio "railing" or garden fence. perfect recycling of pruning twigs or branches.

Bohemian loveseat...

Dishfunctional Designs: The Bohemian Chair - I love oversized chairs. Makes me want to just curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea.Idea: for loveseat chair?

#katzen #schlafplatz

Our little furry friends. They’re comfortable living the simple life in cardboard boxes. But here are some unique and more comfortable bed ideas for your cats, including some ideas on how to make your own. Upcycled and DIY Ideas Upcycled computer monitors

Catwalk Ikea

Two cats hanging out on DIY cat shelves made using IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges at different distances and heights above a sofa (Ikea Diy Ideas)

Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 - Nicknamed Ulfur (Icelandic for "Wolf")

Toyota Hilux Expedition - what an odd spewed up "last minute thought" design, hm, addition.

VW Amarok Wohnmobil Gehocab Kora

VW Amarok Wohnmobil Gehocab Kora

EarthRoamer XV-LT Just Go Let The Others Follow!

EarthRoamer XV-LT Just Go Let The Others Follow!