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To enhanced appearance of your room you may try black and white. When you decorate your infant room the floor ought to be certainly regarded as a portion of the design. Teen rooms should be fun, if…

Tema náutico colgante estante con cuerda por NauticalNurseryDecor

Nautical theme hanging shelf with rope This is a nautical-themed hanging shelf made with painted wood and nautical rope. This is identical to a shelf sold by an upscale home decor

Tutoriales DIY: Cómo hacer una alfombra de pompones vía DaWanda.com

Tutoriales DIY: Cómo hacer una alfombra de pompones vía DaWanda.com

Pom Poms are a great versatile material to work with, and with the winter nights coming every closer, what could make your room more cosy than a fluffy pom pom rug?

DIY paper lamp / Lampara de papel

DIY paper lamp / Lampara de papel

I’ve got a lot of lamp all around the house. I made these wall paper lamps in the entry. Once I had found the way to make the pattern, it was super fast to make…


Even tough - in my part of the world - spring has kicked in, a super cool blanket is always a yes! Just came across Norwegian brand Røros Tweed and love the diversity of prints and colors on their plaids.

Lecciones de Interiorismo: Cómo Decorar Tu Primer Hogar o Cómo Volver a Decorarlo | Casa Muebles - Muebles, Enseres, Mattress y Decoración

coastal style living room with dark navy velvet sofa, white painted brick wall with fireplace, blue and white striped rug, wicker hanging chair