Handprint Animals: Footprint Horse & Unicorn Crafts

Sparkly Footprint Unicorn Craft

Let's make a sparkly Footprint Unicorn! Perfect for a preschool fairytale theme or to hang up as decor in a bedroom.

Hand-Adventskranz ⭐️ Hand-Advent-Wreath (Mit grüner Farbe Handabdrücke in einem Kreis machen, mit roter Farbe Schleife und Beeren aufmalen)

Create a class handprint wreath or have each student create his own. A very cute keepsake for teachers and parents!

Tiere Handabdruck

Animal handprint art / kids arts and crafts / fun to do at home/fish handprint/ duck handprints/ owl handprints/ elephant handprints/kids art

Eule Handabdruck

23 Cute and Fun Handprint and Footprint Crafts for Kids - The...

Love this list of 59 hand and foot print art projects for kids and me. Because I believe you are never too old to make hand/foot print art.

Piratenbild mit Handabdruck

Fun craft to do with your little ones for Pirate Day! :-) Handprint and Footprint Arts Crafts: Handprint Pirate, Pirate Ship Snack, Paint Book

Handprint Frankenstein craft for kids at halloween

Handprint Frankenstein craft for kids at halloween