Use two filing cabinets to create a cozy corner or quiet area. This looks like a fun reading spot.

Designed as a reading spot, this could so easily become a Safe Place! Use two filing cabinets to create a cute cozy corner or quiet area. The curtain rod and simple curtains make this a place where students love to go.

K is for Kinderrific!: Classroom Tour!

MAKE ONE AT HOME FOR A READING NOOK.To make a housekeeping area/ play house, build just the front frame for a door and window, and put the rest of the supplies behind it!


Set up a "Nature Table" to display all the treasures found on nature hikes. great for scientific observations. {The large leaf is from IKEA.} Smith nature walks might be great to fill up your science center

Creative Play corner

Under the fort could be a whole kitchen/house set up. There can be a window/counter to incorporate store play and a baby crib to play house.

Handpop houder

I have to gtet one of these - we have a million puppets. Puppet & small stuffed animal storage on a shoe spinner.

aanwezigheidskalender Jules - symbooltjes omdraaien

aanwezigheidskalender Jules - symbooltjes omdraaien


forest mural is the focal point in this outdoor-inspired kids' playroom. The column in the middle of the room is transformed into a tree featuring a swinging seat for a place for the kids to read a book.

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