Character references I like the resources on this post

Sometimes I'll act as if I'm another character, talking to the character that I can't name. I act as if I'm telling at them, and suddenly I be like, "Why would you do that, [insert random name i come up with on the spot] .


:( and yes your makeup and costume was soooooo amazing tushie guy! I loved it and I loved the duckie guys. The saints won and my Steelers are playing now and they're winning as well.

I told you I'd move on.

Moving On Quotes : QUOTATION – Image : Description It took God's providence to let you go, and made me let you go, but I've become stronger and wiser, and now it's time to move on

Sorry I already have and I can't stop I'm addicted to ripping my self apart.

Giving away your happiness so other people stay happy. I hope you know that your happiness is not eternal.


Jan I want those nights with you to never end having you holding you loving you and listening to you all night literally 💔