Sturgeon - caught about ten of these and they are wild and do exactly that jump right out of the water

Tired of catching small fish weighing in at 30 lbs? At Guided Sturgeon Fishing BC Canada, Our guides landed over 4000 sturgeon since year round. Fraser River Fishing in British Columbia, Canada is the ultimate freshwater guiding company.

Caught on Turtle Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. It’s a new record Northern Pike in Canada. The man was fishing and caught a Pike. As he was reeling it in, a - 55 lb. Pike tried to eat it! He landed them both in the same net!

Go deep sea fishing | reel in the big one |

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It's not just bass that eat rodents.

Mouserat bassbug fly patterns are ideal for surface fishing to attract big trout and bass -- Note to self.

Mackerel fishing from the shore | Makrelen angeln vom Ufer

Mackerel fishing from the shore