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Outside living space goals.Nestled in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, just a short distance from Lake Tahoe, this rustic-meets-modern residence is anything but dark and stuffy.

Sillón Anna Marta, de Per Jensen Chiara Giordano

Designer Per Jensen spent time studying the shape of a cube and wondering what kind of chair could be designed from it. The first exploration led to Anna Marta, a pine chair with angled slats that … - ontwerpers collectief - producten

Interesting looking bench but I'm not sure about that diagonal piece? I'm not sure if just screws & glue would stand the test of time. Certainly is an eye catcher ;

The Briano Chair

Handmade Wooden Furniture by Collaptes

Cyntia Briano Alamillo, of Collaptes, handcrafts wooden furniture, without the need of screws and any solvents, and instead focusing on the raw material.

Rush Seat Bench - Usona Home

Rush Seat Bench - Usona Home. Dimensions: x x seat height Material: Solid oak, straw.

Shaper Origin is an easy-to-use handheld CNC, empowering you to start creating with ease, control, and confidence. Shaper is a human-involved robotics company.

Marina Bautier Oak Bench

Marina Bautier Oak Bench - Specifications: Solid oak with clear matt lacquer. Solid oak bench with upholstered mattress.

boot bench

Boot Bench I designed this indoor bench to live in an entrance way or foyer. Its height and seating geometry make it a good place to sit down and pull on your boots. It can also act as a setee for.

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PS The Wintergarden Bench by Donald Judd. Beautiful, essential and simple bench in Pine wood.

Swing von Paola Lenti - weitere Außenprodukte - Design bei STYLEPARK

Edward van Vliet Swing - One and two seats lawn-swing made of Sassafras wood. From the cooperation with the Dutch designer Edward van Vliet this light and peculiar lawn swing has come to life.