This makes my soul quiver. This is both dark and beautiful... Human skeletons unearthed in Mantua, Italy - "Forever Together"

"The Lovers of Valdaro" - two teenagers found in eternal embrace years after death in Mantua, Italy - the very same city where Romeo was exiled and was told his Juliet was dead. Could these be a real-life Romeo and Juliet?

Cluster of 35 ancient pyramids unearthed in Sudan  Jam-packed 2,000-year-old necropolis may have been influenced by Egyptian rituals

Cluster of 35 ancient pyramids unearthed in Sudan

At least 35 small pyramids, along with graves, have been discovered clustered closely together at a site called Sedeinga in Sudan. Discovered between 2009 and researchers are surprised at how densely the pyramids are concentrated.

"Heavenly Bodies," reveals ancient jewel-encrusted skeletons found and photographed across Europe by historian Paul Koudounaris

Paul Koudounaris — Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs

Katherine Mathisen "Unearthed "

Katherine Mathisen "Unearthed "