Mel Anie
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Beautiful Luna and Artemis art by missxlisaxchan
The result of a long search for the perfect cat tattoo. I'm in love with my tattoo <3
Another galaxy cat haha. I must really like galaxy cats
"Galaxy cat n.2"
This is what I have so far for the tattooed magical girls. I'm not sure if I should go on though I'm no longer drawing in a tiny daily planner so it'll look different XD;; there are 5 more girls and there are only so many poses I can put them in to show off the tattoo lol. I feel like I should repost this every once in a while to reclaim it cause for some reason everyone likes to copy this without giving me credit lol. I think I blame Pinterest.... by qinniart
Sailor Pluto by Drachea Rannak
Tolles Bild, leider nicht von mir U.U
Prinzessin Serenity Kleid nach Maß von elvenstore auf Etsy