Salt Painting - Mit Salz malen. Einfach Kleber mit Salz bestreuen, trocknen lassen und dann mit Aquarell Farbe oder Wasserfarbe bemalen

This firework salt painting art project is the perfect art activity to do with your kids this summer! It uses salt to create a cool effect.

Spiele sind fantastisch und herrlich! Die 14 schönsten, selbstgemachten Spiele für Drinnen und Draußen! - DIY Bastelideen

This would be great for practicing addition skills. How to make a unique bean bag toss game from terra cotta pot saucers and a printable (which you can get for free by clicking through!) (Diy Crafts For School)

Cute craft idea for a Construction themed birthday party.

I cannot find any info on how to. She has a link that is not working at this time (will check again). If anyone has or can find info on creating these bottles, please leave a comment! I know there is soldering involved

Build an Epic Cardboard Marble Run

Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run

Use cardboard, craft sticks, and hot glue to create an epic marble run! The marbles land in paper cups at the bottom of the track. This is a fantastic engineering challenge for kids. How should we position the sticks? Which path will the marbles take? How

wie süß ist das denn? <3

Our Favorite Handpicked Damn Delicious Recipes

Arty Crafty Kids | Craft | Easy CD Snail Craft | A super fun and funky snail craft for kids!

Easy CD Snail Craft

This snail art project allows students to use their art skills to create a funky colorful snail out from different materials.

Badewannenboote aus Poolnudeln

Pool noodles, straws and foam triangles to make little sailboats to sail on a tub lake.

how to make a fake fire - Google Search

Many people like it when it's big and a large fire pit is the way to begin with it. And this largeness demands an extravagant party, a cool party and a .

Zahlen lernen: Fühlzahlen für Kinder selber machen. Lernspiel für Kinder und Kindergarten

10 Ideen zum Buchstaben und Zahlen spielerisch lernen

Zahlen lernen: Fühlzahlen für Kinder selber machen. Lernspiel für Kinder und Kindergarten