Katzenfestung aus Holz und Filz als DIY-Inspiration. Fehlt nur noch etwas Platz :)

We found the ultimate cat castle! This is a great idea to keep our indoor cats busy. Discover more pet accommodations on our site now at theownerbuilderne. Is this something your pampered feline would love to have?

Animal Crochet Pattern - Sugar Bee Crafts

Animal Crochet Pattern

I love to crochet and recently went looking for a great animal crochet pattern! I ended up making this little guy and had a blast! I felt pretty accomplished and love how he looks. But there are also - Crafting Now

Turn Chupachups lollipops into Christmas characters. Fun stocking stuffer idea!

Turn Chupachups lollipops into Christmas characters for free!

FREE TEMPLATES perhaps something for your Christmas party bags. Why not create some fun Chupachups lollipops with these great templates? We have them both in colour and in black and white for the perfect fun gift for the kids!

Einen Schneemann bauen, der auf dem Kopf steht

Upside Down Snowman.this may be on our to do list With all the Snow piling up out there.

A Modern Heirloom Blanket For Your Dear Ones

A Modern Heirloom Blanket For Your Dear Ones

"The weight of our grandparents love like a blanket with us beneath it, safe and warm." All throughout the verse novel the love of her family is very present and clear.