get words on your washi tape

get words on your washi tape

Get words on your wash tape. Transfer printer ink to washi tape for personalized gifting! from A girl and a glue gun

Washi Tape Easter

handmade Washi tape cards - bunny rabbits die cut from cardstock with color-coordinated strips of washi . If no tape on hand I think it would also work with ribbon scraps or deco paper

DIY xmas trees cards

{DIY} Carte Sapin Noël Masking Tape

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

Washi Tape Christmas Tree Cards

cute wrapping

Sarah Pinyan posted :: Wrapping & Washi Tape Garland :: wrapping to her -Papercraft- postboard via the Juxtapost bookmarklet.

Eline Pellinkhof wool Christmas tree - great option for small spaces and moving in over the holiday.

masking tape & Xmas - if you don't have room for a Christmas tree or live in an apartment

Washi tape...

A whole assortment of washi tape DIY ideas for quick but beautiful crafting.

Des cadres en masking-tape / Masking tape frames

Des cadres en masking-tape

Binnen spelen

Masking tape hopscotch in living room! This is an easy-peasy project for any day that is too hot, too cold, too windy, or too rainy to play outside. Good idea for babysitting!

Walnut Boats

Cute DIY Walnut Boats to put in bathtub with your baby

gift bag.

These 12 Happy Valentine Art Projects from Kids from hello, Wonderful would make for a fantastic afternoon filled with fun activities. Help your little ones create one-of-a-kind works of art to share with their friends, classmates, and teachers!

Lille Lykke, masking tape - alternatieve kindvriendelijke kerstboom kerstversiering diy christmas tree alternative

A curation of Christmas Washi tape craft ideas including Washi tape Christmas wall trees, gift wrapping, tree decorations, advent calendars and