OH YES!! FUN!  Looks like a fun end of the school year activity.

Come Together Kids: Mini Marshmallow Shooters (or Pom Pom Poppers) put a balloon over the top half of a stiff plastic cup, with the bottom of the cup removed. Pull of the balloon tie with the pompom inside, and POP!

Awesome snowman craft for kids

Snow Globe Snowman Craft For Kids

Snow Globe Snowman - An easy-to-make crafts for young kids. I think it would be easy to adapt this into a I-spy snowman with different little toys inside.

Das ist der Renner für jeden Kindergeburtstag. Mit diesem Trick werden die Kinder Stunden beschäftigt sein.

Rainbow Bubble Snakes - Need: Half a waterbottle, rubberband, bubbles (dishsoap/water), food coloring, sock. Steps: Dip sock held by a rubber band on the water bottle in food coloring in dish soap and food coloring and blow. Have fun!

Fun science project!

~ glow stick xylophone ~put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them ~ probably the coolest thing ever ~ this would be a fun activity for our first grade SOUND unit ~

Amazing Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 40 Pics

Fabric covered circle bulletin boards - I will use for his art with kiddie fabrics. Corkboard trivets really inexpensive at Ikea! no link - but just used fabric and glue:)

How to make an easy kazoo.  Fun and easy craft for kids.  www.thejoysofboys.com

How to Make a Kazoo

These totally brought me back to being a kid again! What kid doesn’t like a kazoo? And what mom actually does like their kids to have a kazoo? Ok, just kidding. My house is already loud so I figure, what the heck, they’re making music.

hip hip hurra: Last Minute Geschenk für kleine Jungs

hip hip hurra: Last Minute Geschenk für kleine Jungs Mehr