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Iris Van Herpen: The Alexander McQueen Of Tech Geeks

Gareth Pugh: Black Leather Cage Jacket. This reminds me of an armadillo protective shell, but is this protection or imprisonment?

Gareth Pugh: Black Leather Cage Jacket Restriction - caged jacket and headpiece with exaggerated shape;

hexenmoon: “ Source ”

I love Avante Garde. It can be dark, twisted and delusional. But isn't that what Dark Souls consider beautiful? We find beauty in the unusual, we see past the morbid and celebrate the life in the shadows.

Iris van Herpen FW 2016 RTW THIS should have been what we saw more of at the Met Gala. Not light up dresses.

Iris Van Herpen Autumn/Winter 2016 … The transformation from the upper torso to the skirt puts an emphasis on her waist to hips because of the bubble like shapes. It almost looks like the skirt would be moving and bubbling in real life.

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In Which Generation Do You Really Belong?

I find it interesting that this collar appears to start from the bodice, work its way up around the neck, and then just hangs off the back. This is a very interesting detail that would be very cool to experiment with. I would love to play with the fabric at the back-making it longer/shorter, maybe pleating it, or attaching it down to the back of the bodice. I feel that there is a lot that this type of collar could do.

Industrial Futurewear conceived by Ukrainian designer Irina Dzhus « The WILD Magazine

Iris van Herpen FW 2016-17 Absolutely everything about this photo is terrifying.

***overlay mesh and pull fur through or could adhere mesh to fur inside out for another texture layer*** Fall 2016 Couture Iris van Herpen

Bottoms :: Dark Cloud Washing Skinny Black Biker Jean - 64 - New and Stylish - Fast Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Product:

I only really care about the jacket but its a really cool outfit. Bottoms :: Dark Cloud Washing Skinny Black Biker Jean - 64 - New and Stylish - Fast Mens Fashion - Mens Clothing - Product

Futuristic Clothing, future girl, fashion show, futuristic style, futuristic look, girl in black, futuristic girl, future fashion, model by FuturisticNews.com

Sculptural Fashion - avant garde suit with graphic panels; dark futuristic fashion // Liberum Arbitrium S/S 2012

Iris van Herpen – foto Joost Vandebrug www.fashion.net

Iris van Herpen is a Dutch fashion designer. She studied Fashion Design at Artez Institute of the Arts Arnhem and interned at Alexander McQueen in London, and Claudy Jongstra in Amsterdam. In she started her own label.

What gets me about these images is each individual section has so much personality, even thought the clothes have only minor differences in patterns. I think the fact that each position is different it tell us something a little more about the subject. I like these photos as a series, the photos alone might not have been as strong. The contrast within the black and white, The blacks are bold and significant, however the white is still present. It's not got lost or overpowered by the black.:

Fashion en banco y negro. photography or art? Patrizio di Renzo is an International fashion photographer from Switzerland

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Post-apocalypse clothing / fashion / post-apocalyptic wear / male / dystopian / menswear / men's / apocalypse style / looks / armbands / loose /