DIY colorful geometric sun catcher

DIY Colorful geometric sun catcher - fun craft activity for kids. or fun craft activity for claire.


ballon wreath - use about 300 balloons on straw wreath, leave the plastic wrap on and use greening pins (also called floral pins — they’re sort of U-shaped and can be found in the artificial flower section at craft stores)

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7 Ways To Eat Rainbows! You can have your rainbow and eat it! Here are seven amazing ways to combine two of the most fantastic things in the world - food, and rainbows! [[MORE]]


15 Beautiful Rainbow Wedding Treasures to Brighten Up Your Day

Make mason jar lanterns by decorating mason jars with tissue paper. Fun craft to make for earth hour! Except I'd make the tissue paper look like the Earth

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banner Halloween Mini Rainbow Garland (Use the triangles left from cutting out for a sewn garland!

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Drink Umbrella Wreath - Here is a great fun idea for a summer wreath for your front door. Get a Styrofoam wreath and stick a ton of fun drink umbrellas in them. This would be so great to put out while hosting a luau or summer swim party.

LEGO® KETTE ♥ play with me ♥ *Der witzige Hingucker für alle die's gern ausgefallen mögen...* Handgefertigte Kette aus original Lego-Bausteinen

LEGO® Kette - Regenbogen - Upcycling Lego Schmuck

LEGO® Necklace - RAINBOW - Upcycling Lego Jewelry - LEGO® NECKLACE ♥ play with me ♥ Iconic necklace made out of original Lego bricks for everybody who loves life colorful! This necklace is a real eyecatcher and comes with a guarantee for heaps o.

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15 Ideas to Make String Arts

For all my hyper active random people who love bright, flashy colours