Im Frühling erstrahlt der Garten in einer Blütenpracht

Gestaltungstipps für ein immerblühendes Beet

Like the idea of dividing with planting, but with house on right of image not obstructing our view

Ideen für einen Reihenhausgarten - Mein schöner Garten

Ideen für einen Reihenhausgarten

Blue flowered garden includes clematis, sage, blue oat grass, cranesbill and hibiscus with a few yellow contrasts.

Für fast jedes Wehwehchen findet sich ein heilsamer Tee, der dir ganz ohne Tabletten Linderung verschaffen kann und zu mehr Wohlbefinden verhilft.

Welches Kraut hilft wann? 13 Leiden und der passende Heiltee


For the decoration lovers, here is an idea for decorating the home in a unique way with the repurposed wood pallet planter in which the flower of different colors can be placed for the appealing look. There are 3 layers in the planter and as many planters

Kitchen Gardens | Raised Beds

Kitchen Gardens

Looks much like our 'potager'. Although I wish the previous owners had thought to fence it, like a proper French kitchen garden! Must put some serious thought into planting layout this year.

~ Living a Beautiful Life ~ raised beds for gardening ~ nice pictorial, very clearly shows how to do it.

15 Gardening Tips and Clever Ideas

building a perfect raised bed Shari Brown Brown Brown Burkey Amber Sweaza Would be great for gardening!

Tomatenhaus selber bauen – unser Beispiel und Bauanleitung ›

Garden online in the garden,home vegetable garden tips preparing a vegetable garden bed for planting,how to make my own garden large garden bed ideas.


Andre Eve Garden, France - photo by Clive Nichols. I need this to be my back yard.


Andre Eve Garden, France - photo by Clive Nichols. I need this to be my back yard.

Anzucht im Eierkarton, idealerweise mit Eierschalen für zusätzliche Nährstoffe

10 Best DIY Seed Starting Pins

Leave the top on, making growing space deeper. Seedlings in Egg Cartons.then plant the paper egg cartons directly in the soil.