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a glimpse of mental illness! This is an amazing interpretation of the anguish of mental illness. No laughing matter! Inspiration to layered etchings

Pablo Picasso Draws a Centaur. Photography by Gjon Mili.

Picasso - VALLAURIS, FRANCE, One of the earliest examples of light painting in photography. Photo by Gjon Mili for Life Magazine “Picasso Draws A Centaur In The Air.

Der US-amerikanische Fotograf Man Ray, 1890 -1976, porträtierte eine Akkordeonistin. Seine Werke sind dem Dadaismus und Surrealismus zuzurechnen.

The American photographer Man Ray, 1890 portrayed an accordionist. His works are attributed to the Dadaism and Surrealism.

I think that black has overtaken my love for white in backgrounds.

This shot communicates a lot of emotion through a melancholy colour scheme and a high key lighting technique showing a model with a somber facial expression. The use of a long exposure and a flash creates the illusion of multiple faces.