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Gundi Dietz
Gundi Dietz "Mädchen mit Spitzenärmel", 2012

Artist: Gundi Dietz

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a sculpture of a man with paint all over it's body and hands on his chest
Stephen Benwell
a sculpture of a woman holding her head with one hand and looking at the other
two statues of people holding fish in their hands
Christina Bothwell , Title and information not fully known (I hope later on) glass, heller gallery, Description: Two Green Mermaids or One Merman en One Mermaid.
a ceramic bird sitting on top of a small animal head with red and green paint
Contemporary sculpture by Su Jameson | Kellie Miller Arts
Council by Su Jameson Su Jameson's hand-built ceramic sculptures strive to create exchanges, both physical and emotional. Drawn from personal experiences, interactions and observations her work explores the complexities of being human, issues around belonging, strength and fragility, and the tools of communication, and are derived from ideas that are at once particular and universal the work invites contemplation and reinterpretation.
a ceramic figurine of a woman sitting on a rock
a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a rock with her hands in her pockets
Michelle Gregor - John Natsoulas Gallery
a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a box
Michelle Gregor Woman reclining ( note base :-) )
a sculpture of a woman sitting on top of a piece of art that is multicolored
Michelle Gregor
Michelle Gregor
a sculpture with a red and blue object on it's head sitting on top of a wooden block
wall-mounted work — KATHY STECKO
recent work — KATHY STECKO
a statue of a woman sitting on top of a rock
Michelle Gregor, Artist
a painting on a wall with a bird sitting on it's back and another piece of artwork in the background
Michelle Gregor - Artaxis.org
an abstract painting next to a sculpture in the shape of a woman holding a piece of wood
a sculpture of a person with a bird sitting on top of it's head
Michelle Gregor
multiple images of different colored sculptures in various poses