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a white sculpture is on display in a room
Rebecca Warren, Clay Sculpture Artists
an old man holding red objects in his hands
Marc Janssens Artwork
a white mannequin with glasses on it's head
Sharon Griffin - Works
a bronze statue sitting on top of a table next to a white wall and floor
"Lungo Addio" Bronze 2008
a statue of a man kneeling down with his hands on his knees
Dossier Camille Claudel (1864 - 1943 )
camille Claudel : " L'homme accroupi " 1886 - Coll. part.
a man standing next to a statue in a room
In pictures: Selected works by late Egyptian sculptor Abdel-Hady El-Weshahi - Visual Art - Arts & Culture
a black bowl filled with plants on top of a wooden table
Lin May Saeed – Bees | The Story Bazaar
three sculptures of animals are on display in a room
Lin May Saeed – Bees | The Story Bazaar
a sculpture is shown on a white surface
David Altmejd
a sculpture of a dog with an umbrella on its head sitting on a white base
Alchemy of Pain | The Art Institute of Chicago
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a piece of plywood in an empty room
Thomas Houseago | Gagosian