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And this right here is exactly why when I tell people I am actually very social phobic they don't believe me. Definitely a lesson in what is on the outside doesn't always mean the inside is the same.

I talk so confidently. I even interact when people talk to me.but inside I'm fucking terrified

Depression isnt always at 3am. Sometimes it happens at 3pm, while youre with friends and youre halfway through a laugh.

Yes depression hits you like a rock it doesn't matter what time it is, what your doing, or who your with. it will hit you like a ton of bricks out of no where. one Minuit you fine then the next you go from fine to Fuck life.

Sometimes I just like to keep my problems to myself because I feel like no one actually understands what I'm going through.

Either that or I don't want to draw attention. Most of all I feel like if I tell someone they're just going to scoff at me as if it's not important enough to react that way.