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Blackhearted Wolf

Hi, I'm Blackhearted Wolf. My hobbies are drawing, writing, reading, acting, photographing, playing guitar and listening to music.
Blackhearted Wolf
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nahw :3

That's not just any puppy that's fucking Sweet Pea and he's not holding her he's making her dance.<<<idc about the "every mcr fan needs this" frank making sweet pea dance is freaking cute<<<same.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Gerard Way. C'mon everybody, give a round of applause! Who wears short shorts? GERARD WEARS SHORT SHORTS<< He looks like a sassy lesbian.

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People don't look past how dark thing are sometimes. They need to talk to Gerard sometime.


In the first picture it looks like Gee's saying "Can I tell u a secret Ray?" And Rays like "Yess, Gee?" Then Gee like "u have nice legs." And Rays like "I know right?"<< and the second picture is gee just stroking his legs