Handabdruck-Blumenstrauß zum Muttertag / Vatertag

Cute Handprint and Footprint Crafts - Princess Pinky Girl


Wine Cork Ladybugs Craft for Kids. Great for students with fine motor challenges.

Seifenblasen... einfach und wunderschön!

smART Class: Floating on to ___ grade! End of the year project. Would be great for exploring circles or as an extension to a bubble exploration. Also, chalk on black paper can be its own exploration using both dry chalk and chalk dipped in liquid starch.

DIY Craft Stick Easter   Puzzle - auch mit Pirat möglich, prima Spiel für die Piratenparty!

DIY Craft Stick Easter Puzzles

DIY Craft Stick Easter Puzzles - Plain Vanilla Mom Could be for anything! Use the large popsicle sticks to make it easier! If you really like arts and crafts you will really like this website!


heart hand print - great idea for a mothers day card. Or Valentines

Malen mit einem ausgemusterten Nudelholz

Art Activities for kids : Rolling Pin Yarn Prints Schöne Idee, das bunte Band hinterher auch noch zum Basteln zu verwenden! art activities for kids with rolling yarn Need fantastic tips on arts and crafts?

Aus recycelten Eierschachteln/ Eierkartons Osterdeko mit den Kindern basteln. Mehr Ideen für Kinder findet Ihr hier: www.hallobloggi.de

Egg Carton Chicken - Wonderful Egg Carton Craft for Easter

Chicken Egg Cups - a simple upcycled craft idea. Adorable and easy from Red Ted Art.

Make a negative-space masterpiece. | 27 Ideas For Kids Artwork You Might Actually Want To Hang

27 Ideas For Kids Artwork You Might Actually Want To Hang

Make a negative-space masterpiece. Make the Second a splatter paint piece of…

Indianer Handabdruck

Indianer Handabdruck

Painting on foil with qtips Idea photo from Messy Little Monster .com.     http://www.messylittlemonster.com/2016/05/painting-foil-kids-art-ideas-van-gogh.html?m=1

Add dish soap to paint so it will stick to the paper better Van Gogh 'Starry Night' inspired painting on foil art activity ideas for kids.


Kid Fall Craft: Beautiful Leaf Suncatchers

LOVE this craft! Fall color leaf sun-catchers that will brighten up your home while also being a fun craft for the kids. Glue tissue paper to wax paper, iron wax paper together, cut out shape, add two-sided tape to stick to window.

Herbst Fingergedicht

Herbst Fingergedicht

DieBommelfrau: Basteln mit Kindern/Stempeln

Wine cork stamp rollers for printmaking systemic drawings

Malen mit Seifenblasen - was für eine tolle einfache Idee *** Kids Painting with Bursting Bubbles - So easy much Fun

Malen mit Seifenblasen

Kids Painting with Bursting Bubbles - So easy much Fun

Sehe dir das Foto von Schuhfreak mit dem Titel Basteln mit den Kindern zu Ostern. Tolle und einfache Idee und andere inspirierende Bilder auf Spaaz.de an.

Bunny Rabbit Handprint Craft For Kids (Easter Idea) - Just add a "Joyeuses Pâques" and it's perfect for French class!