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Please don't buy shark fin soup. Shark extinction would royally FK this earth.

"They've kill 10 of us a year!" "We' kill perhaps 70 to 100 million finned sharks a year!" --Hiccup Horrendous Please don't buy shark fin soup. Shark extinction is irreparable.

The human race... is the deadliest virus this planet has ever unleashed ... it's so deadly ... after destroying it's environment ... will self destruct ...

Save Our Sharks: There have been 64 deaths from sharks in the last 450 years. But in just one year we have killed 73 million sharks. There is no species on earth more bloodthirsty, destructive and predatory than the human race. How sad!

Greenpeace Oceans Poster

“Less boats, more fish” Greenpeace’s message to over 600 global tuna industry officials meeting in Bangkok. We need fewer boats, more fish if the fishing indstry and our oceans are to survive.