Love rock.

Love is Gentle - Yet Powerful / Painted Rock / Sandi Pike Foundas /California Stone

In natural color with CROWN !

What a great frog from painted rocks! This would look great in the 🌟magical garden at fourandsixpants🍄🍃


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Doodle designs on stones with a Sharpie. I have rocks, I have a sharpie, I like to doodle

DIY gold leaf rocks. Perfect combo of nature and sparkle!

Idea For Wedding Favors Diy Gold Leaf Rocks Tutorial Stone Rock Gold Leaf Favor Decorations

painted rocks

The art of painting on rocks or stone is a fine and creative art. Acrylic paints are perfect paint for stone painting.

Steine bemalt

from Shell, use in garden or planters next spring--painted stones / Rachael Smith - DIY & Crafts

Australian Beachstone Pendant with Silver Spiral by SeaLights -- idea for attaching pc jewelry piece to chain