The best make up trend this year would be staying more natural. Natural shades of eye shadow, matching bronzers amd highlights that give you a fresher look. This look gives the chance to show off a…**ριитєяєѕт: ♡ Angel ♡💋


Beauty Tip: The right brow shape can actually lift your face and open up your eyes. Remember that the wider the space in between the the brows, can make the tip of nose appear wide as well. is where a eyebrow should begin. where arch should be.

How to shape your eyebrows at home | Lien Davies' brow grooming | beautyheaven.com.au

How-to: locate your brow start, arch and end. I know this applies to makeup, but this also helps you to figure out where to draw the eye on the face.

Coffee, Sugar and Coconut (oil) Scrub: 1/2 cup Sugar, 1/2 cup ground Coffee, 1 cup Coconut oil. (Coffee is the wonder ingredient in this antioxidant packed-scrub: it not only reinvigorates your senses, but it also lightens and brightens the skin AND temporarily minimizes cellulite. Pair it with creamy coconut oil — one of the most moisturizing natural ingredients around)

Exfoliating body scrub, you’re not just giving your skin a pleasant-smelling, silky smooth makeover — you’re also lathering on vitamins and minerals that benefit your body in major ways!

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Step by Step Tutorial for Girls

When you wax or tweeze your brows: use a straight object as a guide. they should Start: even with edge of nose to brow, Arch: straight from edge of nose, through center of eye to brow. End: nose outside edge of eye to brow.

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