Anne Seubert

Anne Seubert

Anne Seubert
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Quiche, Quiches

Treat Yourself To A Heaping Glass Of Wine Ice Cream. Cute idea to give as part of gift to bridesmaids-- I think

This wine ice cream is the real deal, containing 5 percent alcohol by volume, which means enjoying a couple scoops of Chocolate Cabernet or Peach White Zinfandel could make you a bit tipsy. And I can& really think of anything better than that.

She Wraps a Wet Towel Around a Bottle Of Wine. This is So Clever!

We’ve all had that moment where we go to pour a glass of white wine and realize we forgot to chill it. Our options at that moment have always been terrible— drink it at room temperature, or wait for it to chill. Even sticking it in the freezer still.